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Animated Short in the works

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Have started to block some of the environment assets including buildings and some vegetation.  I have decided to use Maya Paint effects and have tried to develop a reasonable workflow for asset distribution using Xgen and Mel scripting as the support for Renderman is rather poor. The plan at this point is to block one shot from the following animatic to refine the workflow . Stay posted.    

It all Started with a Wheel

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My story is done.  Based on a recent documentary watched on Netflix on the Grant’s equation. A story with a twist.  I have started to storyboard this sucker and spent an unreasonable amount of time in After effects that I never used to attempt an animatic.  Eventually abandoned it for Nuke and was done in 30 minutes.  There is something to be said for nodes….  I believe this short is a great opportunity to develop new workflows that should most certainly grace this one man show.   Starting to use Substance…read more

No respite or What is Ted talking about?

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While the posts may have been scarce, the work has not been.  Mostly focusing on storytelling and cinematographic studies.  Another kindle purchase was The Visual Story by Bruce Block, professor at USC.  This is a must read with very valuable lessons applicable to 3D cinematography.  Keeping his lessons in mind, I have studied various recent animated features and clearly discovered the power of a well crafted composition.  While basic composition rules can be acquired through photographic studies, the film medium requires more in depth skills and knowledge. I cannot recommend…read more

Writing a story for an animated short: A daunting task

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GENERATING THE IDEA I have recently purchased Karen Sullivan and Gary Schumer’s book entitled « Ideas for the animated short »  This is a great read as its summarize all the important concepts of storytelling and plot structure.  I will here summarize the key lessons and framework, however this is by no mean a substitute for the purchase of the book. The most crucial and obvious recommendation  is to keep things simple .  One or two characters, One or two locations with only the props necessary to tell the story, and one conflict. The story should be driven…read more

Zbrush Interface for Cintiq 24HD

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I have been digitally sculpting for a while now using an old Intuos tablet, however I could never draw with it.  A hand Eye coordination issue I suppose.  For this the Wacom Cintiq came to the rescue (but did not make me a better draftsman).  I have watch many tutorials from expert modelers and sculptors who use their Cintiq flawlessly.  So in order to change things to further my skills, I have opted to set up my cintiq to match the workflow that I am accustom to and maximize speed….read more

Resolution 2016

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This blog is not for you. For the past several months ( and I mean “many”) I have been feeling like a ship lost at sea.  Lack of creativity maybe, but more importantly lack of accomplishment. Picasso tells us creativity emanates from the work you produce, that is a sound statement. However, I do believe that I am missing a key ingredient, accountability.  So you see, If I tell you that I will produce meaningful creative work to furnish this blog, I have to deliver. Maybe this is childish play,…read more